Darwin Pride Festival has been aroud for 34 years! 

In 1985, a group of passionate Darwinites came together to create the very first Darwin Pride Festival - promoting diversity, equality and celebrating LGBTIQ communities. These brave individuals shined the spotlight on issues that needed to change and celebrated what already made us shine. Three decades on, we're continuing what they began! 


We’re excited to bring to you a week long program that is as impressive and vibrant as the campest of tropical rainbows- paying tribute to our past, present and future. The Festival will officially kick off with a colourful

“Pride Awards” on the 19th of September, and so much more! Full Program here 







A Community that celebrates equality and all the reasons it has to be proud.

To honour the history, to embrace the diversity and to celebrate the Community.

Our Values: 
We recognise the diversity of our Community, the contributions of our members, volunteers and supporters, and commit to conducting our business in a professional, respectful and
inclusive way.


1. To run an annual Darwin Pride Festival that:
• Brings people together;
• Is affordable and accessible;
• Showcases and celebrates Community talent; and 
• Reflects the diversity of the Community. 

2. To develop a healthy and vibrant Community that:
• Celebrates our achievements;
• Promotes understanding and acceptance;
• Advocates support; and 
• Promotes physical, emotional and social well-being. 

3. To create a sustainable festival that:
• Is representative of the Community;
• Maintains financial and administrative transparency;
• Promotes the presence of the Community; and 
• Re-invests in and develops its Executive Committee, members, volunteers, artists and contributors (supporters, sponsors and/or partners). 


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